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Nate Croft

by Nate Croft

Dec 13, 2012


For the first time on the internet, Jon, Nate and Austin will all be together on UMS Live podcast tomorrow, December 12th! Unmatched Style will be hsoting a marathon live podcast event showcasing a few great podcasts & shows. With guest like Carl Smith, Dan Mall, Zurb, United Pixel Workers, JD Graffam, and those guys from FortySeven Media

Honestly, we have no idea what will happen, but it should be loads of fun. We'll be doing a hybrid Kick Awesome Show and Kicktastic mashup with the good stuff you've come to expect from your favorite business bros.

We are in the middle of our year end planning sessions and want to share with you the process we're using to help FortySeven Media (jon nd Nate) and Bright Newt (Austin) gear up for the new year. 

We will be covering:

1. Do an honest Year-in-Review

  • Acknowledge accomplishments > What we did well?
  • Find flaws > What didn't we do well?
  • Vocalize disappointments. What can we learn from them?
  • Root out any limiting attitudes or self-sabotage.

2. Clarify our Why

  • Clarify what's in it for us: What happens if we reach our goals?
  • Clarify benefits: What's in it for them?
  • Clarify audience: Who do we want to help?

3. Identify the How

  • Identify bottlenecks.
  • Identify repeatable systems.
  • Identify tactics and to-dos for addressing both in 2013:
  • \Write down skills, knowledge, or resources needed.
  • Write down individuals or organizations needed.
  • Write down milestones and timeline.
  • Delegate tasks.

If we have time for a bonus round, we'll also cover our 2013 Dream List.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow from 11:30 AM EST to 3:30 PM EST for all the goodness. We should be going on around 1 p.m.

You'll find UMS Live at 


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