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Kicktastic is coming to ConvergeRVA and ExpressionEngine Conf 2013

Jonathan Longnecker

by Jonathan Longnecker

Sep 24, 2013


Good news, fellow Kicktastic friends! Nate and Jon will be at two - yes you read that right - two conferences in October sharing some good ol' nuggets of Kicktastic knowledge. Where and when are these wonderful gatherings of like-minded web people so that you might partake? Read on to find out.

Converge RVA - Oct 11 & 12 - Richmond, VA

As you know we're big fans of the Converge conferences. And this one is no different - two total days of immersive web design, development & business workshops and inspiring keynote style talks. We'll be bringing the workshop thunder, covering our 3 hour Freakishly Profitable marterial. Our goal is to give you at least one tip that will help pay for your whole conference trip. Converge RVA is $275 for the main day plus the cost of whatever workshop you'd like to go to on Friday. We'd love to see you there - we promise lots of fun, high fives, cookies and hugs!

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ExpressionEngine Conference - Oct 14 & 15 - Portland Oregon

You might also know that we're big fans of ExpressionEngine as well. We've been a part of almost every conference since 2009 and are honored to be back this year doing our Freakishly Profitable workshop and two individual keynotes as well. EEConf will " help attendees create better content, build stronger agencies  and increase their successes."

Nate will be speaking on "How not to Launch" and Jon will be speaking on "Instituting a Company Day."

Just like Converge RVA, workshops are an additional cost and our goal is to give you at least one tip that will pay for your whole conference trip. There will also be lots of fun, high fives, cookies and hugs. Cause that's how we roll.

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We'd love to see all of you at one of these events this October. Conferences are a great way to get better at what you do, make new friends and grow your business. So do it! See you there.

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