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Best Year Ever

Nate Croft

by Nate Croft

Jan 02, 2013


Happy 2013, everybody! We hope you had a great 2012. 

If your town is anything like ours, you've already started seeing New Year's Resolutions and "New Year, New You!" ads for gyms, popping up all over the place. My Facebook feed is getting all motivation-y. And though it feels a bit tired and predictable, the New Year really is a great time to change things. There's this kind of mental switch that gets flipped in January that says:  "Alright, I've got another chance at this."

That's just the sort of thing we love—another chance to try something new and steer our lives and businesses in exciting new directions. At our year-end review and planning session, Jon, Austin, and I sat down to figure out just what we wanted to accomplish this year. We set goals for our own businesses, but more importantly, we set out some audacious goals for Kicktastic, which is good news for all our subscribers and blog readers. 

So, what was the result of all that planning? 

Simple:  We want you to have your Best Year EVER.

We aren't talking about a pretty good year, but a great year—the very best year you and your business have ever had. That is a pretty crazy goal, but we just couldn't get it out of our heads. We want to help you get your business running tighter, making more money, and producing the kind of work that makes you proud, that makes you come alive. Sure, we're dreamers, but the better you do, the happier we are. 

Some dead wise person said, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." The single step for your Best Year Ever begins with a review of your business and planning for the months ahead. We know it's tough to do this kind of thing so we have put together a review and planning worksheet and an MP3 of us talking through it from a recent appearance on the Unmatched Style podcast.

And here's the best part, the worksheet and MP3 are available to members and non-members! For FREE! In fact, if you are getting pumped about getting started (or tired of reading) jump to the bottom of this post and download the MP3 and worksheet.

If you are a member following along with us the rest of the year, we will be digging deep into every area of business including sales, marketing, profitablity, project management, pricing and billing, building processes that work, how to get better leads, and loads more. 

Alright, enough talking. Let's get to doing:

Download the Review and Planning MP3 and Worksheet.

It's business time!

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