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Affiliate Sales - A No-Brainer Way to Generate Cashflow

Austin Church

by Austin Church

Mar 16, 2013


Last week, I wrote about creating a Trust Magnet--that is, an entry-level product that will generate cashflow and give new clients a chance to experience what it's like working with you. 

A relatively inexpensive offering will help get people "through the door" and give you a way to regulate your cashflow. 

An even easier way to make more money is by signing up to be an affiliate for products and services that you use. You can earn commissions when people whom you refer make a purchase. 

One of your long-term business goals should be to separate your income from the number of hours that you work, and affiliate commissions enable you to make you money while you sleep. 

In fact, anytime you buy something new for your business, especially online, you should check to see if the company has an affiliate program. 

For example, I occasionally set up simple WordPress sites for clients. Most of my favorite WP themes come from Elegant Themes. I buy and use them. I recommend them. People might as well buy through my link, right?

Here are some of the products and services for which I am an affiliate. I've embedded my affiliate links for each. You'll notice that the experience of clicking on the links and being taken to the sites is no different than if the clicks weren't being tracked. 

In other words, you can share your affiliate links and earn commissions without inconveniencing your readers, friends, and clients.

Clickbank and Commission Junction have thousands of other products and services that you can sell to earn a commission. Most of the time, that is as easy as generating your unique link and sharing it in a blog post, a banner ad on your website, or even in a tweet or Facebook update.

Go forth into the world, become an affiliate many times over, and generate cashflow while you sleep!

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