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Kicktastic is a platform for generosity.

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We started Kicktastic because we wanted to make great products, to help people create more profitable businesses, and to transition out of full-time client work. Visions of making mad money and awesome videos while sipping frosty beverages by the pool danced in our heads.

But something happened along the way. We realized the only part we really liked was helping people.

And though we made some money, we just felt like something was missing. After lots of conversations, input from people we trust, and several inspiring talks at World Domination Summit, we finally figured it out:

  • We already have plenty.
  • We aren't giving enough away.
  • We aren't helping enough people.

As a result, we decided to make Kicktastic free and turn it into a platform for generosity. From now on we want to help more people make more money so that they can have more freedom.

Hopefully they'll use that freedom to do good and make an impact in their communities and turn their lives into stories of generosity and gratitude.

Instead of charging for access, we're going to create a Donate or Tip button and put it on the video pages. If after watching a video, people are moved to give, great! If not, that's okay too.

75% of those donations will go to charity :water. $20 can provide clean drinking water for one person! Awesome!

The other 25% will help keep the site in operation: Vimeo Pro, hosting, email management and the huge amount of time spent creating, editing and publishing content. We'll also take parts of the content and make them available as a packaged download as a separate purchase to help cover costs.

We hope the training you find here at Kicktastic helps you grow so you can be generous with others, too. So go forth and make the awesome!

Nate, Jon & Austin
The Kicktastic Trio

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We give 75% to charity: water and use the rest to cover expenses here at Kicktastic. $20 provides one person with clean, safe drinking water.

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