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Perfectly Imperfect - The Secret to Success

Austin Church

by Austin Church

Apr 05, 2013


Perfectionism is paralysis. The secret to success is getting your perfectly imperfect idea out into the world.

Just ask the guy who talked my ear off for two hours about a year ago. When I asked how long his idea had been thinking about starting a clothing company, he said, "Since 1998." 


He was waiting until he got better t-shirt designs, until he found the right people, until he had more startup capital. 

He was waiting for perfect before he shipped. 

But as John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival reminds us, "Someday never comes."

How do you avoid the Sneaky Someday Slump? By understanding the pernicious paralysis of perfectionism and by calling the bluff of all of perfectionism's false promises.

Perfect doesn't protect you from criticism. Perfect doesn't prevent failure. Perfect doesn't make fortunes. 

There's no schoolteacher to give us an A+ on our big ideas. Business isn't a multiple choice test.

Keeping that in mind...

Write that crappy first draft.
Launch the membership site.
Host the webinar.
Film the first scene.
Put out Version 1.0. 

Watching it get torn to shreds by nefarious narcs and talentless trolls might hurt at first, but you'll survive. 

Perfect is a poser. The secret to success is making the acquaintance of perfectly imperfect.



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