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Austin Church

by Austin Church

Aug 17, 2012


When we left off, I was telling you about the birth of Kicktastic and how I think everyone should be able to afford solid business and marketing advice and have access to unique business ideas. You also need some skin in the game.

Of course, you don't have to venture far on the Internet to find all sorts of training programs and courses and bootcamps and deep-cavity body searches for everything from SEO to personal finance.

So where does Kicktastic fit in?

I'll tell you in a moment, but hang with me for a second as we go on a brief but relevant tangent.

You've probably heard the parable of the blind men and the elephant. It originated in India, and though the number of blind men changes from one version to another, the gist is the same: each man touchs a different part of the elephant—the proboscis, a tusk, a leg, the tuft on the tail. When asked to describe an elephant, each man gives a very different answer: An elephant is like a hairy vine. Or a thick, smooth bone. Or the trunk of a tree.

Yes, I am going somewhere with this.

What does making more money have to do with elephants?

People recommend what they know. They have no choice! If you consult a sales expert, he will advise you to grow your business by working on your sales funnel and using a CRM to keep track of your clients. An accountant will recommend that you develop a budget and keep tidy books. A marketer will rhapsodize about target demographics, positioning strategies, and customer incentives.

How to you see the complete elephant? You let go of the trunk and back up ten yards. How do you build a healthy, vibrant, wildly profitable business? You back up and consider sales, accounting, and marketing—and a lot of other unique business ideas—as an integrated whole.

Kicktastic is the complete elephant.

Or more precisely, we're in the complete elephant business. Thousands of creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners around the country elephants. Why? Small businesses are slower to hire new talent, and they are also way behind with mobile marketing. I heard a startling statistic from a business coach the other day: Roughly 74% of all small and mid-sized businesses in the U.S. are two years behind in their marketing techniques. Wow.

That percentage translates into millions of people whose livelihood relies solely on word-of-mouth or the occasional email through the website contact form.

Is your marketing plan of the YTWYCG variety? You'll take whatever you can get?

Let's change that. Gallup released a World Poll back in 2007, just before the collapse, and piled up evidence that the key to any vibrant economy—or, given our nation's current economic woes, the key to any recovery—is small businesses, not large corporations.

How can your business become a supercharged economic engine?

That's the very question that we address, week in and week out, here at Kicktastic. Who's ready for some fresh, hot elephant?

Before we close, I promised in my last post to share one of our unique business ideas for making more money right now. Here it is:

Make a list of all your current and past customers, or clients. Call them and ask them how they're doing. Ask about their businesses. Ask if they need any help with, you guessed it, getting more business! I'd be gobsmacked if one of them doesn't say, "You know, now that you mention it, we need to calibrate this widgety whatyamacallit." Cashola will follow.

It's always easier to sell to existing customers than to new ones. Go do that right now.

In my next post, we'll explore your commitment issues and how to make money freelancing. I know you're excited about that one.

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